Hordes of Belial

Date: Sat the 28th of Sep

Time: 15.30

Venue: Beat Generator Live!

Price: £10.00

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Hordes Of Belial is dead...


This September, we've re-built the whole Hordes brand to celebrate TEN YEARS in operation! Now under the new title of Hordes X, the first three bands for 2019 are already announced and ready to smash Scotland to pieces!

We are incredibly proud to host Krysthla as headliners of the very first Hordes X. After an annihilating performance at Hordes Of Belial last year, not to mention Uprising, Slaughterpit, Bloodstock, Mammoth Fest, Badger Fest, and numerous others, it seemed perfect to seat them on the throne. Now putting the final graft into their third album (to be titled World Negative), they are at the top of the game in extreme, UK, underground metal. Simply a must!

We spent a lot of time looking at the headliner for our second stage. We wanted to keep it fresh, and keep it heavy, so this has been a well thought out decision. With a new release in the works, a stage show heavier than a downpour of concrete donkeys, and, for some reason, a penchant for covering Funky Town, ladies and gents, we are very proud to bring you North-West England old-scool death-metallers, Bloodyard

If we're going to celebrate all that has been Hordes for the last decade, it couldn't pass without the inclusion of this next band. They have been part of the family since before day one, and were always going to be on this show. You know 'em. You love 'em. It's only smegging Dog Tired!

This next band have been cahoots with "The Hordes", and associated events, since before Slow Dragon Music was even a name! That said, they return in 2019 for what is only their second appearance at the fest, so you can bet they will be hungry to destroy the main stage for you. Hordes, salute Ramage Inc.

This is the first time in half a decade that Threshold Sicks, the band who kicked it all of, will be joining the fray. With brutal new crew delivering their own cult of death-thrash-sludge, this is a defning set.

As you may have noticed, Hordes really swings hard when picking openers for each stage, so we are proud to say that the very first band of Hordes X, will be the utterly superb Darkness Divine!

Tickets are on sale now, from https://www.wegottickets.com/event/469427

More bands announced very soon: watch this space!
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