Goodbye Mr Mackenzie

Date: Sun the 15th of Dec

Time: 19.00

Venue: Beat Generator Live!

Price: £16.00

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What a better way to celebrate the upcoming festive period than getting up close and personal with Goodbye Mr. MacKenzie in a small venue? The first show was a cracker and an immensely special moment for the promoters, band and, above all, the audience. And you don’t have to trust us on that, Vive Le Rock’s Callum Harvie described the show in a review in glowing terms:

If there were nerves beforehand, the band don’t let it show. Launching straight into the glorious ‘Open Your Arms’, frontman Martin Metcalfe is immediately into his stride, leading the crowd with a preacher-like presence. The debut album is played from start to end the crowd singing along throughout, embracing every word for word. Sure, there are a couple of glitches, but nobody cares. What matters is that one of Scotland’s most underrated bands is back and, by tonight’s showing, as vibrant, dynamic and anthemic as ever.