Declan Welsh and the Decadent West

Date: Tue the 19th of Nov

Time: 19.30

Venue: Beat Generator Live!

Price: £7.00

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'Artists with genuine integrity and something relevant to say, Welsh and band are a must see.' The Scotsman

'...there’s an immense sense of pride for the musician who’s become integral to the scene in Scotland using music to make the world a better place.' - Tenement TV

Releasing the All My Dreams Are Dull E.P back in 2018, the band have built a strong following in the Scottish indie scene thanks to their anthems about toxic masculinity, rent increases, the rise of right-wing fascists and battling the intolerance that surrounds us.

Now, debut album Cheaply Bought, Expensively Sold sees the four-piece build upon this raucous political fury, enforcing the idea that in today’s environment, we’re unable to ignore the atrocities forging our existential dread.